Niamh Seana Meehan is a visual artist based in Ireland. Her practice creates performance readings, sound, sculpture and writing projects based on the slippages involved within the translation of thought to text.

“My original proposal, consisted of language situating ‘community’, ‘collaboration’ and ‘engagement’, whilst all of these words still reflect our aim. MAKING SPACE is challenging, re-wording and dispersing how these terms are attached and associated with creative SPACES. Our SPACE is for all, we invite and welcome projects, workshops and conversation”


Brennagh Meehan is a visual artist from N.Ireland with a multidisciplinary practise, she is currently involved with Making Space in Lisburn to engage the public with art and build experience in curating.


Without any formal art qualifications, Kieron’s interest in photography, linguistics and creative writing has led to him considering what it means to be an artist. MAKING SPACE has given Kieron the opportunity to encourage those with an interest in creating to share their work, as well as allowing him to explore the paths that others have taken and the preconceived ideas of what an artist is.


Leoni Hill is a Belfast based multidisciplinary artist, her work takes the form of kinetic sculptures incorporating; performance, video and sound installation.

For me, my involvement within Making Space comes down to the idea of being inclusive and as open as possible. The supportiveness, sense of community and creativity associated with my place in Making Space allows me to engage and help organize curatorial events, workshops, discussions and opportunities which are open for emerging and local creatives.